History of Poker and Online Poker Malaysia


Poker has become a very popular game in the last 15 years, but the history of knowledge about the origin of the game is very confusing.

If you are a fan of baseball sports, it might be familiar to Abner Doubleday – the inventor of baseball

If you are a golf lover, you might know the Royal & Ancient Golf Club, and the history of the game was originally played in Scotland.

But if you are a true poker player, do you know the history of this type of gambling betting game? Surely nobody knows at all.

Part of this ignorance is because the history of poker itself is very difficult to just describe. The theory of the origin of poker plays depends on what you consider to be the basic elements of poker, whether it’s the game or the money. Both have very different beginnings.

Let’s start with the game!

Where does poker come from?
Until now, world policy states that poker is a game originating from Persian called as-nas. The script is likely to be the forerunner of today’s poker game, but lately historians have opposed that poker is a derivative of the as-nas game, they are more than seventh that other games are the parent of modern poker game play, such as:

    • Poque (France
    • Poca (Ireland)
    • Brag (UK)
    • Primero (Spain, or maybe Italy)
    • Brelan (French, but few possibilities)

Every game has evidence to support that the game is at the root of poker and each claims to be reasonable about “where does poker come from?”

Brag, in particular, has the closest factor to modern poker because it has 2 rational reasons:

Using antes (betting where everyone has to do a minimal installation so they can stay seated and play on the gambling table. Maybe similar to a blind)

Even more easily, bets are not determined by a round value of X, but only 2 players remain. Usually this game is played with a stack of 32 cards. “Three as kind” is the highest card, so maybe this is where poker starts.

What is As-nas?

Let’s go back to as-nas for a moment, because this is a very interesting game. There are only 20 cards on the AS-NAS deck, and five ratings, from highest to lowest, are:

    • as (ace)
    • shah (king)
    • aunt (queen)
    • soldier
    • and the couli (dancer)

Each player gets 5 cards, meaning all cards are divided up. The highest card combination is the same as we use today but minus straight and flash. Winners are people who have the best card combination.

As-nas games are played with card shuffling, shared until there are no cards left. In this era there is already a name for betting so that the players have to make bets or just bully the sauce.

Even at that time the as-nas game has already identified betting betting without seeing the card at all. Enough to say “not seeing, I have seen”. Crazy right?

Perhaps the creator of the game as-nas is the inventor of poker cards for the first time.

There are also as-nas variations using 5 card settings, so the total in one deck is 25 cards instead of 20 cards. The card combination becomes (for example): 5 heart aces, five diamond kings, five queen spades, five jack cards and 5 joker cards. At present the use of modern card symbols such as shovels, hearts, curls, jacks and jokers may be taken from the variation of the as-nas card symbol.

History of poker in the United States
Although there are elements of gambling in all types of games, experts explain more clearly about how poker can be a betting game popular in the United States. That happened along with the emergence of gambling in the Mississippi river area and the surrounding area in the 1700s and 1800s. At that time there might really be a similarity between poker in ancient times and modern poker not only on how to bet but into local culture. Maybe this is the forerunner to the emergence of the modern poker game that we know today.

At gambling houses, salons to ships that provide gambling arenas in the area around Mississippi, they sometimes play only by using a deck of 20 cards (such as the as-nas game). The game is sometimes played directly without drawing, winning immediately, having betting rounds, can increase the value of bets like the as-nas game.

Here is also the place to evolve poker from 20 cards to 52 cards, and the emergence of variations in poker games such as hold’em, omaha to stud. It’s surprising that people think poker stud is the first and classic poker that has been played for more than 200 years.

History of poker culture
Initially poker was only a culture to strengthen the relationship of friendship / friendship through games. Because there is no element of betting in this game, because it is not against the bookie. But when poker starts in the betting house or what we know as casino, poker has become one of the money machines for casinos or game winners.

Culture has a big influence in the world of poker which makes this game not only as an ordinary game, but as a source of earning money using deception and intelligence.

For those who have the ability to use their tricks and intelligence, they can quickly become rich just by playing poker. When compared with the income of the gold miners, the income from poker is far more tempting so that many people try and eventually mushroom everywhere and now.

The origins of the type of poker that we know today
In the late 1800s poker games began to be added with new rules such as straight and flush and several other types of variants such as low ball poker, wild cards, community cards of one type and others.

This game continued to be played just like that until 1970 where in that year the first World Series of Poker (WSOP) / annual poker tournament appeared.

The WSOP finally became very popular and brought poker games to become one of the most popular games in the world today.

Who created Texas Holdem Poker?
Yes, you will not believe this, but it is true that this is from Texas. A small town outside Corpus Christi named Robstown is where this game was found.

Texas is home to poker legends that you might already know, such as Amarillo Slim, Johnny Moss, and Doyle Brunson. They were there for hold’em games that sprung up all over Texas, and they brought their holdem skills to the center of national attention when hold’em finally arrived in Las Vegas, and that brought them fame and wealth.

But they are not responsible (at least not especially) for carrying holdem to Las Vegas and later the world. In contrast, the other two were responsible for key moments in the history of Texas Holdem: Crandell Addington, and Benny Binion.

Crandell Addington is a Texas player and with his playmate Brunson and friends saw a very good opportunity in business hold’em as well as Adderley.

Adderley finally started bringing this game to Las Vegas and its surroundings and changed the rules of the game so that the game was far more interesting and easy to play. In 1967 poker was first played in a casino.

History of Online Poker
After 1970, poker began to take off at least on the outskirts of the city until finally the WSOP was covered by CBS and then ESPN began to take over the broadcast.

In 1998 a site began offering poker with real money even though some people played it through IRC chat in previous years.

Online Poker Malaysia
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